Traveling with CBD

CBD Travel RecommendationsCBD products are legal and safe. However, uninformed individuals could still hassle you for carrying these hemp products. If an official discovers that you have a CBD hemp product they may be doubtful that it does not contain THC. You will not be arrested for carrying CBD, but it is always helpful to be prepared.

CBD Travel Tips:

1. Carry a receipt.

If you can clearly show that the product was bought in a store or online, it will be easier to convince an official that your CBD item does not contain THC. No reputable store will provide a receipt for a THC containing product.

2. Always be respectful to law enforcement.

Many officers simply do not know what CBD is, or how to handle a hemp product. If they find a CBD item, they may not have received clear instructions from their office on what to do in this circumstance. In this case, they may question you or claim that your knowledge of CBD is incorrect. Listen empathetically and do not argue while you explain yourself.

3. If an officer confiscates your CBD, be understanding.

In some instances, a law enforcement agent will choose to take the product in for testing. Understand that they are just trying to do their job. Allow them to take the product and accept that this is the worst that can happen.

Ideal Travel Methods

Traveling by train or car with CBD is very safe. You will rarely be bothered in these cases, and there are few circumstances where an officer will inspect your luggage by train. That being said, if a person who does understand CBD discovers that you are carrying these products be prepared with the facts, and a receipt if possible. 

Flying with CBD is not recommended. Despite the factual CBD oil legality, there will be agents inspecting the contents of your luggage making it easier for them to discover your hemp product. If your CBD is identified, it could be confiscated, and you could be questioned further. This delay could lead to a missed flight, so it simply is not worth the risk. Typically you can buy a new batch of CBD upon landing in your new destination.

We do not recommend traveling internationally with CBD. Many countries have a friendly CBD legal status, but you never know how an enforcement agent could react to a hemp product when you are in another country. As we cannot predict how another nation will react in the case of a foreigner carrying a hemp product, we say it just isn’t worth the risk.

Know Your Rights

Hundreds of thousands of U.K. residents enjoy the benefits of CBD every day. This product is natural, non-toxic, and legal. Do not be afraid to travel with your natural supplements. Just know that you could be challenged along the way.