Introducing Dr Buddi’s New Sister – Zivi London

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well and enjoying the promise and opportunities that Spring seems to bring.

Today’s a special day in Dr Buddi towers as we are launching a sister brand called Zivi.  While Dr Buddi focusses on CBD, Zivi’s focus is on the vitamin and supplement markets.

Zivi has been two years in the making (or just 6 months if you adjust for the COVID lockdown!).  Dr Buddi is such a fulfilling brand for us – customer emails saying how helpful the CBD has helped them is simply an amazing feeling.  Honest;y sometimes it doesn’t feel like work at all.  We’re hoping we can benefit from the same glow with our vitamin brand too.

There are 4 launch products in total:

Body Balance — Apple Cider Vinegar

Body Balance + — Apple Cider Vinegar plus Kelp, Bromelain and B6

The Sunshine Supplement — Vitamin D3

Happy Guts + — Lactobacillus Acidophilus (‘friendly’ gut bacteria)

We are really proud of the products and hope you like the look of them too.  We’ll be adding lots more too – hopefully our lovely customers will let us know what items they’d like to see in the range!

There’s plenty of information on the Dr Buddi website about the vitamins and what they do etc …

We’re considering selling them as monthly subscriptions too – but we’ll see what people think first.

One more thing while we have your attention – there is a sale on Dr Buddi items on the website also!