Pain Management and CBD

4 reasons to try CBD as a pain management tool

Living with chronic pain is a constant struggle. Many pain management solutions come with their own range of problems, further complicating your life. If you are looking to experiment with alternatives to the pharmaceuticals you are currently using,, why not give CBD a try.

1 – Relaxation

Scientists have isolated over a hundred active cannabinoids in cannabis. The two most interesting ones are CBD and THC (WebMD have some good articles here and here). TV and movies often portray weed as a calming drug that makes people mellow and relaxed. In truth, CBD is what has that effect. Strains of cannabis with high concentrations of THC and low amounts of CBD have the opposite effect

Constant pain can increase your stress levels and cause feelings of depression and anxiety. CBD can help manage all of those negative health conditions. It is also used as a sleep aid, helping you fall asleep more easily every night.

2 – Addiction

One of the main benefits of CBD Oil as a pain management tool is that, unlike many alternatives, CBD is not addictive. There are no reports of people developing an addiction to the substance, and no indication of withdrawal effects among those who stop using it. In that sense, it is safer than coffee and alcohol.

3 – CBD Side effects in pain management

There are relatively few known side effects associated with CBD for pain mangement. The chief side effect has to do with its calming nature. In high amounts, the drowsiness induced can make it hard to work and focus. It is also known to cause bowel problems, leading to either diarrhoea or constipation. If you start experiencing some of those effects, you should experiment with lower doses such as the Dr Buddi 10% CBD Oil.

Furthermore, many of those effects were reported by people who ingested CBD products. But CBD can treat pain and inflammation by being applied directly to the afflicted area. It’s unclear whether topical applications have any side effects at all.

This is, of course, a far cry from the side effects of many commercially available painkillers in the market. And by reducing inflammation, CBD Oil is able to treat the cause as well as the symptoms of many conditions. Arthritis, in particular, seems to react well to topical applications.

4 – CBD Oil and Health pain management

CBD oil and tinctures are both healthy enough to be worth being used as dietary supplements as a pain mangement tool. They are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, and the anti-inflammatory properties bring benefits to many regions of your body.

Inflammation in the gut region, for example, can go largely undetected in everyday life, but has been linked to all sorts of negative health effects. It also deregulates your mood in a variety of ways. We often think of the brain as the emotional centre of the body, but a large amount of the hormones that regulate your mood and bodily functions are produced by glands in your guts. If gut health is a concern then we have introduced a product under our Zivi Happy guts, gut health, supplements product line that replenishes gut bacteria to help your overall wellbeing and recover from medications such as antibiotics (which effectively ‘de-forest’ the gut of friendly bacteria) .

If you are going to give it a try for pain management, remember that CBD Oil interacts with other forms of medication. It’s wise to consult a doctor before you start using it. Also, make sure you buy from a seller that has their products independently tested, like Dr Buddi’s CBD Oils!

How Does CBD Work?