Cannabidiol and Sleep

The cases of insomnia are increasing day by day, and CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cure for it. If you have tried every remedy and still are facing the issue with sleepiness, then CBD Oil can be the answer. A WHO report has confirmed that unlike THC, CBD produces less disruption in REM- sleep. It helps a person to fall in sleep by calming his nervous system.

CBD and THC both are compounds found in the cannabis plant (more information can be found on WebMD here) Both have therapeutic effects, but THC, not CBD, is the compound that makes you high. Many health benefits come with Cannabidiol, like reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation, pain, etc. It may prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitter in the brain which is responsible for mental function, pain, and emotional state. Thus Cannabidiol can allow more of the sleep-causing chemical in the bloodstream.

CBD Oils is a way forward if you are looking for a treatment for insomnia. There are oils, capsules, and sprays to try. Start with a low dose and see how you feel before progressing to the high dosage.

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