Can CBD Treat ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD, causes an inability to pay attention and a physical restlessness that may be inappropriate or disproportionate to the situation. ADHD can also cause people to act impulsively and may lead to difficulty in personal relationships and trouble at school or work.

Because CBD has been shown to alleviate anxiety in some people, it’s thought that it might have applications in the treatment of ADHD. “CBD receptors are found on nervous system cells, and CBD can be sedating,” Weed explains. “Some people find that CBD reduces their anxiety,” and when you’re desperate for some relief, some folks may become “susceptible to hoping that some ‘new’ treatment will help.”

While there is no current research supporting the use of CBD oil in the treatment of ADHD the are a few studies that indicate there could be promise to the idea of eventually using CBD oil to treat ADHD including:

  • 2012 paper reported that mice with “reduced social investigative behaviour, hyperactivity, as well as reduced attention span,” were “normalised” when treated with cannabidiol.

While this adds up to a lot of hope and some grounds for future investigation, but not a lot of hard evidence right now. Until more is known, there is no reliable evidence that CBD reduces symptoms or improves cognition or behaviour for people with ADHD.